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Best Selling Author and Founder of Strength Thru Music


The New Book Strength Thru Music out in 2022 - Very Special Thanks To All The Amazing People Who Shared Their Stories To Help and Inspire Others!

Allie has the tools to create lasting change for you-

Jack Canfield

International Best Selling Author-

Chicken Soup For The Soul and

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 "You can create massive change in your life - If you have the courage to take the first step" Allie Jorgensen 

From humble roots to over 20 years in the Music Industry as a Writer, Journalist and Speaker, Allie is now a Best Selling Author and Founder of Strength Thru Music, a company that promotes wellness using the power of music. With certifications in NLP, Wellness and Meditation, Allie has the tools to promote real change.


Allie's passion has become to help people transition through the overwhelm of change, after losing a dear friend in the Music Industry to suicide, and struggling with her own depression.


As a Best Selling Author in Jack Canfield's new book Success Strategies, Allie takes her passion to the Music Industry with her new book "Strength Thru Music" a collection of stories from some of the Music Industry's top musicians to inspire and help others going through the transition of change. 

20 Years As A Music Industry Professional

Working with some of the top names in the Music Industry